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Welcome to Olive UK's Customer Support Desk and experience the best in customer care! At Olive in Cardiff UK, we are committed to providing fast, efficient and value-added customer support services that ensure immediate attention and quick resolution. Our dedication to quality and pursuit of 100% customer satisfaction help us exceed your expectations every time.

From product/service-related queries to effective technical support & troubleshooting - our experienced and courteous support staff is available 24x7 to answer all your questions and render personalized support for critical incidents. Proper documentation or written instructions are also provided to guide you during issue resolution.

Please feel free to contact Team Olive if you need any information or assistance regarding our products, web design solutions and services, technical support, billing, or other relevant issues that may arise in course of your project. We will immediately respond to all your questions, feedback and suggestions.

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For all queries/issues related to Olive solutions and services, there are three easy ways to contact Olive's Customer Support Desk. For queries/issues related to Olive Web Hosting, please click here.

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Olive in South Wales UK has internally developed an advanced support system to receive and track each customer support request. If you are an existing customer, please log in create a Support Ticket that will ensure faster communication and enable you to track issue/s until the same is satisfactorily resolved. The support staff at Olive in Bristol UK will take appropriate action at the earliest, while you can track the progress yourself. Issue tracking will ensure up-to-the-minute project information and foster better communication and collaboration. In other words, Olive UK handles customer support the way you want it and offers a suite of communication modes that are tailor-made to meet your specific needs.

Also, Olive UK offers effective web design solutions and progressive e business solutions for B2B, B2C, corporate & e-Commerce Websites. Our one-stop web designing solutions ensure our excellence in creating multi-faceted & multi-dimensional quality portals. Visualization, Conceptualization and Content Development, HTML Coding, Graphic Designing, Macromedia Flash, Animations, Java Scripting and Audio & Video Integration are a few of the services offered by our Web design department.

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Olive is a customer-first company - offering reliable services, exceptional value and unbeatable support to enhance your bottom line. For technical and other queries/issues, please call our customer support executives:

India: +91-11-26991100 /1101/ 1102
UK: +44 29 2062 6211
Canada: +1 604 721 8565
Oman: +968 2446 0094
Finland: +358 9 43577530
Australia: + 61 3 9563 5927

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To help us answer your queries and resolve issues at the earliest, please send an e-mail message to:


India +91 11 2699 1100
UK +44 29 2062 6211
Canada +1 604 721 8565
UAE +971 43296800
Oman +968 24489596
Finland +358 9 665180
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