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Website Hosting Services by Web Hosting Company in Cardiff, UK - Highly Secure & Reliable Ecommerce Website Hosting Solutions...

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reliable and secure web site hosting South Wales Get fast, reliable and secure Website hosting services

Keep pace with the fast-moving market dynamics, as Olive Web Hosting company offer a wide array of Website hosting solutions and services tailored to meet the e-requirements of new millennium enterprises. A full service division of Olive, we provide secured, managed, dedicated and shared Web hosting and specialise in such areas as WINDOWS .NET SERVER 2003, Cold Fusion, Red Hat LINUX ES 3.0 and E-mail Hosting.

At Olive, we understand that your Website is a powerful tool that helps you operate a successful business across the World Wide Web. Consequently, Websites must be available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. With Olive Web Hosting as your choice web hosting service provider (HSP), you can be sure that your e-business and IT services will be up and running 99.99% of the time. We further guarantee ultra-fast access; foolproof security; dedicated customer support and highly competitive pricing – a perfect combination of features that will help your business thrive.

Olive provides a comprehensive range of high-performance and best-value web hosting solutions to a wide range of customers with diverse requirements. You might be a leading corporate house looking for lightning-fast operations and huge Website traffic management without slowdowns. Or it might be a small-to-mid-segment enterprise seeking our support for core Web hosting functions and applications. Whatever be your requirements, Olive Web Hosting will deliver strategic and completely scalable solutions that will meet your present targets, as well as future goals.

ecommerce website hosting Cardiff UK  Website Hosting Service Offerings

Website Hosting Areas of Expertise

» Domain Name Registration
» Managed Web hosting
» Dedicated Web hosting
» Secure Web hosting
» Small Business Shared Website Hosting
» Enterprise Hosting
» E-commerce Website Hosting
» Corporate E-mail Solutions
» Anti-spam & Anti-virus Solutions
» Customised Web Mail Panel
» SSL Certificate
» Payment Gateway
» Urchin Website Statistics Analyser

windows, linux web hosting services Cardiff, Bristol UK  WINDOWS & LINUX Website Hosting Company

Olive provides both WINDOWS .NET SERVER 2003 & Red Hat LINUX ES 3.0 web hosting, so that you may take advantage of Microsoft’s newest development platforms or opt for Linux’s full range of commercial IT environments. Hybrid website hosting also gives you the flexibility to host your Website either on Linux or on Windows, while your e-mail is hosted on Linux.

Faster, more secure and more scalable, this latest offering from Microsoft skyrockets the operational efficiency and helps our clients reap the benefits. The inclusion of the .Net Framework allows you to take advantage of Microsoft’s newest development platforms.
Compare Windows Hosting Plans
The corporate adores this latest Linux technology, designed for mission-critical enterprises. It covers the full range of commercial IT environments, helping you to create a highly productive infrastructure. Make your Website a strategic asset for your organization.
Compare Linux Hosting Plans

web site hosting company South Wales UK  Why Opt for Olive Website Hosting Services

Olive’s firm commitment to customer support ensures that our experienced professionals will study your business model and provide consultation & technical support to get your project going at the earliest. From requirement analysis to installation and upgradation, Olive Web Hosting delivers innovative hosting services that will maximise the operational efficiencies of your business model; enhance profitability and help build competitive advantage.

reliable and secure hosting Cardiff UK  WORLD CLASS DATA CENTRE - RACKSPACE

Rackspace is one of the premier and high security data centres, providing world-class infrastructure necessary to maintain dedicated Web servers 24x7x365. Rackspace Managed Hosting owns and operates five Tier-1 data centres - three located in Texas, and one each in Virginia (USA) and London (UK).

website hosting management South Wales  H-SPHERE CONTROL PANEL

H-Sphere, the world’s most advanced control panel, is a user-friendly, graphic interface that allows you quick and easy access to features required for the efficient management of your Web space. Olive Web Hosting uses H-Sphere that automates and streamlines day-to-day processes and general Website hosting management.

secure website hosting company Cardiff UK  FAIL PROOF SECURITY

Cisco-powered hardware firewall

Olive Web Hosting employs Cisco-powered dedicated hardware firewall to protect Websites/databases on our servers from any malicious attacks. It uses robust inspection firewall services and includes numerous application-aware inspection engines that secure advanced networking protocols.

State-of-the-Art Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus software
Worried about the deadly viruses stalking the Internet and ready to strike? Or hassled by the endless stream of junk mail that gobbles up your valuable server space? Olive Web Hosting offers a state-of-the-art anti-virus cover, an anti-spam gateway, plus a suite of other features required for secure and hassle-free hosting. These services are integrated, managed and set up entirely by Olive to provide our customers with a cutting edge.

reliable web hosting services Bristol UK  BACKUP FACILITY

RAID 1, aka Mirroring
RAID 1 ensures that your valuable data is available even in the unlikely case of disc crashes.

Legato Backup Agent
Legato Back up Agent provides the fastest and most flexible backup & recovery solution. Our powerful snapshot management also provides instant data protection and rapid recovery by giving you complete control of third-party snapshot tools. While Legato Net Worker keeps a backup of your critical enterprise applications in record speed, it also provides backup-to-disk or dynamic drive sharing, which further accelerates recovery of your data.

Backup Mail Server (Secondary MX)
Every domain has two mail exchanger records and whenever a primary mail server goes down, all mail messages are automatically directed to the secondary mail server. As soon as the primary server is up and running, all mail messages are delivered to respective mail boxes. Therefore, there will be no mail bounce or mail loss during server maintenance.

affordable web site hosting Cardiff UK  URCHIN WEBSITE STATISTICS ANALYSER

Website statistics analysis is a unique feature in our bouquet of services, which entails the use of statistics to identify and highlight Internet traffic trends. Olive employs Urchin, the world’s most accurate system for measuring and analysing visitors’ behaviour.

technical and web hosting support South Wales  ROUND-THE-CLOCK SUPPORT & MONITORING

Olive provides round-the-clock technical and hosting support and our entire set-up is continuously monitored for connectivity, Server security, URL response and much more. Our stringent quality policies ensure that you will have the site running without the least hassles, while we work dedicatedly for guaranteed up-time and problem resolution.

cost-effective, shared website hosting Bristol UK  How You Benefit

» Cost-effective secure, dedicated, managed & shared Website Hosting. While shared hosting is a quick and easy way to establish your Web presence, our dedicated hosting will bring you a powerful server with limitless scalability.
» Track record of 99.99% uptime
» State-of-the-art RackSpace data centres located across the globe and engineered to avoid any single point of failure in connectivity, power or HVAC
» High-end servers & infrastructural excellence
» High bandwidth availability
» High-speed & reliable connectivity
» Effective load balancing for faster performance & better reliability
» Multiple backups and redundancy measures
» Foolproof security protocols
» World’s most advanced control panel (H-Sphere)
» Optimum utilisation of server space as per user requirements. Server space can be doled out as needed across your Website, e-mail & database
» Instant-response disaster management and recovery
» Robust QMail server
» Unlimited FTP access
» Instant upgrades
» Traffic statistics
» POP3 e-mail accounts, forwarding & auto responders
» E-mail aliases
» Catch-all account
» Integrated Web Mail system
» Shockwave, Flash
» Secure Socket Layer (SSL) support
» e-Commerce tools
» Password protection

web site hosting plans  Web Hosting Plans

Get the Olive advantage in terms of latest technologies, Network reliability, failsafe security, round-the-clock monitoring and a host of additional services – designed to complement and promote your business. Please check out our feature-packed hosting plans and select the one that meets your specific requirements. What’s more, we are always ready to create a customised hosting plan just for you. You can also purchase a plan and opt for additional services until it serves your purpose.


Olive UK provides shared website hosting, dedicated website hosting, ecommerce website hosting and managed website hosting for companies based throughout Cardiff, Bristol, South Wales and the rest of the UK. For more information on our website hosting services, contact Olive Global in Cardiff, UK.

For details please visit Olive Web Hosting

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