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Web Design Company in Cardiff, UK offering website design services like W3C compatible website, search engine friendly website and Flash web design

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Olive UK delivers creative web design services and solutions to B2B, B2C, e-Business, & e-Commerce portals – bringing to life your unique Web presence. Whether you need a fast-track Flash / Animation website; require a database-driven e-commerce presence or want to opt for corporate image branding, we will design a striking and effective Website that complements your business objectives and ensures a better reach-out. Each of our client Website is a custom creation, tuned to perform as an interactive medium and add value to your offerings. From initial planning through to final implementation and testing of the website, Olive UK, an avant-grade web design company in Cardiff UK, provides superior flash web design, SEO web design, W3C Complaint web design solutions and services and round-the-clock customer support so that your Web initiative stands out from the crowd.

In today’s digital economy, it is not enough to have a visually appealing Website. Your Website must be an effective communication platform, featuring the perfect balance of information, functionality and aesthetics. At Olive UK, we study your business and analyse the requirements of your target customers to come up with best-in-class web design services and solutions. Consequently, a smooth-functioning technological back-end is seamlessly integrated with an attractive, user-friendly front; intuitive/easy navigation and relevant content. The outcome is a multi-faceted & multi-dimensional quality portal – fast-loading, feature-rich and aesthetically compelling.

In addition to maximising your company’s online potentials in terms of web design elements and functionality, experts at Olive UK pay meticulous attention to several quality parameters such as user functionality; consistency in overall layout/look-and-feel; quality of execution, and speed & efficiency of your Website. We have the creativity, technical expertise and global exposure to meet and exceed your expectations every time you opt for the Website design and development services of Olive UK.

Olive UK: Website Design Services

» Visualisation
» Conceptualisation
» Content Development
» HTML Coding
» Graphic Designing
» Flash Presentation & Animation
» Java Scripting
» Audio & Video Integration

Flash web design company Bristol UK  Creating High-Impact Websites

Requirement Analysis
Olive UK acts as your strategic partner to design and develop W3C compatible Websites to impact your audience. Experienced professionals with cross-industry expertise carefully analyse your business requirements; select the most suitable tools & technologies and build cost-effective systems that ensure great visibility & optimum usability. A detailed discussion helps us determine specific requirements such as number of Web pages, number of custom graphics/animations and level of interactivity desired (online ordering, search engines, chat rooms etc.). Subsequently, we identify the ideal Website design tools & technical solutions that will make your Web presence a roaring success.

Website Design Services - Process & Technical Assets

Our Web designers initially prepare sample layouts including Website structure/navigation links to give you a fair idea of the look, feel and functionality of the Website. Once it matches your creative vision and business goals, we will develop the entire Website and implement the functionalities you have asked for. Olive UK employs latest multimedia technologies; cutting-edge graphic tools; globally accepted software development standards and an exacting PMM (project management methodology) to ensure complete success of the project. Our core skills include:

Macromedia Flash Adobe Photoshop
Illustrator Director
Dreamweaver Sound Edit
Adobe Premier Microsoft Front Page
Gif Animator Java Scripts
Java Applets Style Sheets
Real Audio, Real Video, MPEG & Avi Adobe Acrobat

Web Testing & Publishing
During Testing & Publishing of the website, Olive UK provides a fully functional site and also tests each feature. At this stage, modifications can be made and changes can be implemented in case you require those. It’s then published on a Web host and goes “live” for the global audience.

seo web design company Cardiff  How You Gain

Get quality traffic
Your Website design must feature the right mix of aesthetics and technology to attract visitors and convey your goals/objectives. Here’s what we offer to generate quality traffic:

  • Cool, clear and sharp design
  • Great functionality
  • Powerful, persuasive content
  • Easy navigation
  • Fast-loading pages

Enhance brand visibility (SEO Web Design)
Get your Website optimised for major search engines and come out on the top when people search for your kind of products and services with the help of a search engine. It is cost effective too, as returns on search engine optimization (SEO) investments beat banner ads/other online promotions by a long shot. Olive UK at the website design stage keeps in mind the guidelines preferred by the search engines and designs a search engine friendly website. The web designers are trained in creating a search engine friendly website and the SEO team in Olive works with them in getting the website as per the guidelines laid down by the search engines. A search engine friendly website helps in getting better presence on the web.

Cut down on costs through website design
Let your Website promote corporate identity of your company and advertise your products and services in the most cost-effective way. Providing fresh and user-specific content on the Website also saves valuable time that you might have spent in faxing/phone calls/sending mail messages etc.

Raise loyalty level
Deliver accountable services through interactive tools. Interactivity helps establish a user “buy-in” and makes your visitors “belong” to your site. Raising the loyalty of your clients, partners, dealers & suppliers has never been so easy before.

website design services packages South Wales UK Web Design Service Packages

Olive UK specialises in quality website design solutions and services, flawless development & implementation; and cost-effective maintenance. From Starter website design to Advanced Flash web design and SEO web design – we offer a full suite of W3C compatible Web design packages that will help your company make a unique statement on the World Wide Web and ensure value creation. We design and develop flash websites, animation websites, w3c compatible websites, search engine friendly websites for companies based throughout Cardiff, Bristol, South Wales and the rest of the UK. We aim to make a website that exceeds the expectations of our clients that in turn helps to portray their company, its products and services in the best possible light.

For more information on our website design services, contact Olive Global in Cardiff, UK.

website design services in Cardiff Bristol UK
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