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Got a Website? Now get a web content management system (CMS) to keep information fresh and updated round the clock. You no longer need the help of IT professionals to manage the content/design of your Website. Olive’s comprehensive Web Content Management system empowers you to create, update and manage online content and meet your business objectives.

Olive has also developed CMS Editor V2.0 –a robust and secure application that uses ASP/PHP depending on the hosting platform (Windows/Linux) and seamlessly integrates with any Website running any kind of application. Most importantly, this content management system editor is an easy-to-use interface, gives people with little Web experience or technical knowledge and the ability for Web content management in a quick and hassle-free manner. You can use the click-and-command method to add/modify articles, Web pages, images and navigation links. With Olive CMS to help businesses on the go, you can enhance the efficiency and profitability of your Website by bringing timely and critical information to your target audience.

  Why Web Content Management System

You must have an engaging and powerful Net presence, catering requisite and up-to-date information about your organisation, products and services. Whether you are a start-up company or a big business, your Website must be planned ahead and professionally managed in order to reap the business benefits.

Bringing latest and most vital information to your target traffic is the key to enhancing the value of your Website. However, without regular reviews and updates, even the best of Web content tends to lose its relevance and fails to attract quality traffic. Outdated/inaccurate information, voluminous web content with inadequate navigation links and burnt-out appearance are some of the most common problems that professional Websites often have to face. Using a Web content management system will speed up the process of updating your Website without spending a fortune on designing/development every time you need to feature the latest information. Consequently, you can communicate more effectively, ensure greater traffic and open up new revenue channels, while reducing operational & maintenance costs.

web content management system

  Olive CMS Editor V2.0

Packed with amazing features, Olive’s CMS Editor V-2.0 is an effective e-tool that keeps your Website up-to-date without the least hassles. This full-featured and extremely flexible content management system software advocates a collaborative work environment by easing technical hurdles and allowing all authorised users to create, edit and publish Web content as per your specific requirements. This, in turn, ensures faster time-to-publish, consistent information architecture and greater credibility. Olive’s Web content management system is quick, cost-effective and user-friendly; and even people without any prior technical knowledge of HTML coding or programming feel quite at home while handling our content management software.

Once this content management system (CMS) software is installed, the browser-based content management interface enables you to create, modify or delete the content (text, images, tables etc.) featured on your Website. You can also add, edit or delete Web pages, section, sub-sections and navigation links. But content management system (CMS) Editor V-2.0 is not about content and image management alone. You can use the full suite of editing & designing tools, as well as pre-designed templates, to change the page layouts – giving the Website a hot and happening look. All the pages created are static and load lightning fast as there is no interaction with the site’s database. What’s more, the updates/upgrades can be immediately seen by your Website visitors.

 Key features of Content Management System (CMS) Editor V2.0:

» Fast updation of information for complete credibility.
» Browser-based WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing & publishing.
» Redesigning & creation of Web pages, as well as new sections & sub-sections.
» Creation of new tables & background images.
» No restriction on putting links to text, images and blocks. Users can link these to internal/external pages or uploaded files.
» Hassle-free Website management as only static pages are created and there is no need of configuring and maintaining a database.
» Easy & user-friendly. No HTML coding/technical knowledge required.
» Complete scalability and adaptability.
» Search engine-friendly pages.
» Multilingual content possibilities.

  How Olive’s Content Management System differs from other content       management systems

Limitations of Other Web Content Management Systems Olive Web Content Management System CMS Editor V2.0
Involves designing from other sources: The Web site needs to be designed by a dedicated Web design unit because it involves complicated web design tools and scripts.
Be a Web designer yourself. Our designing tools help you create Web pages without any prior technical knowledge. Use the standard toolbar or right-click at any location to access relevant tools.
Separate database and space required: Web site enhancement requires a separate database to be prepared and a separate web hosting space for the corresponding database. A complicated technical procedure has to be carried out by Web experts.
All pages that you create are static and there is no need to configure and maintain a database. Ensures simple & hassle-free Web content management.
Does not give a feel of the actual Web page appearance: Separate admin panel makes you enter the data in a different interface. Therefore, actual appearance of the Web site is revealed only at a later stage.
Edit and view the Web page as it appears on the Internet. You can shift between browsing and editing modes by clicking a button on the toolbar. Try out different ideas until the desired effect is achieved.
Does not allow adding new Web pages: The existing modules are only open to editing through previously-developed admin panels. Any addition of new pages will be a new exercise in Web development.
Create new Web pages at your wish. Use a standard template or a copy of an existing page or a blank page to create newer pages and newer layouts.
Links can be created only at specified positions: Where the admin panel provides a facility to add hyperlinks, you can do so. Elsewhere, no access can be provided by any database-driven web content management system.
No restriction in creating new navigation links. Apply links to text, images and blocks. Link those to external pages, internal pages or uploaded files (upload option integrated) as and when you require it.
Any enhancement needs a change in database structure: Incorporating new module or introducing enhanced functionalities must be handled by Web developers every time.
New departments created? New employees joined? New products launched? Simply create a new navigation link and a new Web page and link the two. The web site content is instantly updated and ever-fresh.
Limited control over Web site structure: You can control only those pin-pointed features that have been provided for by the admin panel.
You can create new tables, restructure Web pages, use new background images or overhaul the entire Web site by using some simple tools.
Maintenance requires third-party experts: Any maintenance activity such as updating the database structure requires respective experts to come into the picture.
Maintain your own Website. Add, update and remove sections and features by a simple access to the Web Content Management System CMS Editor V-2.0
The design is fixed, only data can be changed: You cannot change the Web page layout. Users can only edit the content.
Alter the design of your Web pages at your will, apply page styles, create and modify tables and use the entire bouquet of Web Content Management System, CMS Editor V- 2.0 features.
Web site becomes slow due to database interactions. Whenever a Web page loads on a browser, the data is generated from a different database. This affects the site speed adversely. Also, site becomes slower as databases grow with the passage of time.
All the data shown on the Web site comes from the Web site itself. No interaction with the database means lightning fast Web pages and an exceptional user-response. Visitors will come back to your site whenever they require information in a hurry.

  How you benefit

» Your business relies on your Web presence as an effective communication channel. Get Olive’s Content Management System (CMS) now to keep your Website fresh and updated 24x7x365. Changes can be made whenever you require them and you will be no longer dependent on designers/developers to accomplish the task. Olive’s Content Management System (CMS) is ideal for non-technical users who want to communicate effectively on the Web.
» Timely and accurate information supports business objectives; helps build credibility and allows effective communication between you and your customers & partners.
» Increased flexibility in terms of content updation, design makeover and new link creation will support Website growth.
» Olive’s Content Management System (CMS) ensures streamlined information updates; best-practice publishing process and enhanced productivity.
» With Olive’s Content Management System (CMS) to empower organisations, you reduce operating & support costs and free up human resources who can now focus on more critical business needs.

  Web Content Management System Plans

Olive UK offers web content management software for companies based throughout Cardiff, Bristol, South Wales and the rest of the UK.

For more information on our web content management software, contact Olive Global in Cardiff UK.

Please send us your query and we will get back to you with a customised quote for web content management software to keep your Website attractive and functional.

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web content management system
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