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We have opted for strategic partnerships/alliances with global technology leaders in order to provide our clients with the most effective solutions and help them prosper.


The Microsoft Partner Program is for technology companies that offer software/hardware solutions, services & applications using Microsoft® tools & technologies as a platform. Microsoft Certified Partners with competency in Integrated E-Business Solutions are independent companies that help organizations build integrated, interoperable, modularized, extensible and secure e-business solutions that connect information, systems, people and processes.

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Rackspace is one of the premier and high security data centres, providing world-class infrastructure necessary to maintain dedicated Web servers 24x7x365. Rackspace Managed Hosting owns and operates five Tier-1 data centres � three located in Texas, and one each in Virginia (USA) and London (UK). data centres have been engineered to avoid any single point of failure in connectivity, power or HVAC.


Recognised as the world's most advanced control panel, H-Sphere is a state-of-the-art web server management tool that makes you a sophisticated Webmaster in no time. H-Sphere is a scalable, multi-server Web hosting control panel, which provides complete hosting automation for Linux, BSD & Win2000 platforms. Olive Web Hosting uses H-Sphere, a robust, secure and feature-rich hosting management system that automates and streamlines day-to-day processes, incidents, support and general Web hosting management. It possesses the best qualities that will lift your hosting to the highest level of performance.


Olive has tied up with Thawte, a pioneer Certification Authority (CA) and a global provider of digital certificate products, services and solutions that ensure security, privacy and authentication for e-commerce storefronts. Set up in 1995, the company has emerged a global market leader and consolidated its position as a trusted partner of businesses around the world. Thawte SSL certificates interoperate smoothly with major browsers and mail applications like Microsoft, Netscape and other leading vendors. It is also the first and only CA to offer SSL certificates to customers using Internationalised Domain Names. Internationalised Domain Names (IDNís) provide a convenient mechanism for users to access Websites in their preferred language. Oliveís tie-up with the internationally reputed firm will enable us to offer one of the best security solutions to organisations and enterprises looking for secure e-transactions over open networks.


We offer VeriSign's security certification services to provide our customers with a one-stop solution that will meet the needs of their Internet exchanges. VeriSign Inc. is the leading provider of digital trust services that enable businesses and consumers to engage in online commerce and communications with confidence. VeriSign is powered by a global infrastructure that manages more than five billion communications and transactions a day. Powered by the VeriSign advantage, we offer industry-standard Website Security solutions to all our clients and ensure a secure B2B and B2C transaction and validation environment. Trust Olive to ensure successful business transaction with security.


In a bid to provide our clients with superior security solutions, Olive has joined hands with Comodo - a leading Internet security specialist. Comodo specialises in the broadest range of Internet security infrastructure - x.509 digital certificate services, validation services, silicon security, crypto solutions and software security applications. The company also provides secure Linux solutions through Trustix and operates the world's only Website identity assurance infrastructure. Partnered by Comodo, Olive offers a suite of great-value security solutions and appliances to ensure that enterprises can take full advantage of the high-performance, robust, reliable, easy-to-use and affordable Internet security and virtual private network (VPN) functionalities.


Olive has tied up with CCAvenue, South Asia's largest and most preferred payment-processing service for e-Commerce. It is the only organization to have tie-ups with all major banks and credit card gateways. CCAvenue provides server-based payment solutions, enabling merchants to process secure transactions in real time, 24 hours a day. The company's service is powered by proprietary technology that integrates online payment processing, fraud control, financial reporting and tracking. We offer the CCAvenue facility to all our clients who want a payment gateway for online business transaction.


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