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Software Outsourcing is rapidly becoming an accepted management tool for redefining and re-energising business processes. It challenges today's managers to rethink the traditional, vertically integrated firm in favour of a more flexible organisation - structured around core competencies and long-term, outside relationships.

Olive e-Business is an end-to-end e-business solutions and software development outsourcing company with a state-of-the-art development centre in New Delhi, India, which is endorsed with Microsoft Certified Competency in Integrated E-Business Solutions. Banking on its proven expertise in technology, the 9001:2008 ISO certified company offers a complete array of offshore outsourcing services and provides valued customers with bespoke solutions at a fraction of the original costs. We are a highly talented team of professionals, delivering customised software development solutions at a great value.

 Olive Web Services at a Glance

The efficaciousness of any solution becomes perfect when it is completely complemented by the existing business strategies, practices, structures and philosophies of a company. Olive develops each solution to suit your specific requirements and meet your business objectives. And our total focus on customer satisfaction makes us your outsourcing partner of choice.

An overview of our integrated e-business solutions including Web solutions and business process automation tools will further highlight Olive's competencies. We offer web services in the following areas:
    Web Solutions
  • Website Design & Development
  • Custom Web Application Development
  • Web Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimisation & Internet Marketing
  • Website Content Management Solution
  • e-Commerce Solutions
  • B2B & B2C Portal Development
    Business Process Automation
  • Intranet & Extranet
  • Document Management System
  • e-CRM
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Workflow Management
 Project Experience

Olive has successfully executed 1000-plus projects from its offshore software development centre. These include:
  • Distributed customised projects
  • Product development
  • Package customisation
  • Quality Assurance and Testing for our clients' products
  • Offshore software maintenance
 How Software Development Outsourcing to Olive Works

Tying up with Olive e-Business for your outsourcing requirements will help gain the following advantages:

 Capitalise on Olive's World-standard Competencies

Extensive industry expertise, expanded skills and comprehensive experience in executing key projects for reputed global companies enable us to bring you world-class technology & management resources.

How you gain
  • Best-quality, value-added services; products; and qualified human resources that ensure increased customer satisfaction.
  • Total project management and implementation, consulting expertise and access to best practices and proven methodologies.
  • Speedier project delivery & faster turnaround time.
  • Reduced risk of technological obsolescence. Keep pace with technical challenges and increase efficiency by consolidating and centralising functions.
  • Streamlined business and split risks. With outsourcing some of your work, your company will become more flexible and more dynamic to face new challenges.
 Reduce Operational Costs

Olive helps its clients reduce overall IT costs associated with custom Web solutions development, technical support and maintenance. A lot more can be achieved within your stipulated IT budgets as a result of our extremely competitive cost structures.

How you gain from offshore outsourcing services
  • Outsourcing to Olive is ideal for one-time applications. If you need to develop mission-critical and time-bound applications which not only require big investments but also a large workforce, outsourcing will be the most viable and cost-effective option.
  • Save on manpower and training costs.
  • Reduce overheads, free up resources.
 Focus on Core Competencies

Offload non-core functions and focus on broader business issues such as strategic decision making, process re-engineering, and managing partner relationships. Olive will handle all operational details and provide competent services at a lower cost.

How you gain from outsourcing software development
  • Software development outsourcing to Olive lessens the burden of investing capital funds in non-core business areas, so that these can be readily available for core functions.
  • Software development outsourcing can also improve certain financial measurements by eliminating the need to show return on equity from capital investments in non-core areas.
  • Software development outsourcing to Olive will help you reduce the overall IT management burden and enhance tactical/strategic advantages.
 Experience Unbeatable Customer Support

Based in the strategic location of New Delhi, India, Olive has full-fledged offices and customer support desks in Vancouver, Canada, and Cardiff, UK. All members of Team Olive pay personal attention to our valued overseas clients/customers.

How you gain from offshore software outsourcing services
  • 24x7 support & maintenance. Apart from our customer support & marketing desks in Canada, UK, Australia, Finland, and the Middle East, Olive's dedicated development centre in New Delhi, India, is equipped with a 24x7 online facility with a relevant technical knowledge base and detailed information on every project. Our 24x7 support service is ready to respond instantaneously to any technical issues.
  • Olive has a secure extranet/customer service portal for customers, as well as for our onsite/offshore teams. This extranet is used for uploading project reports, latest codes, prototypes, support ticketing, document management, etc.
  • With our 24-hour support service at New Delhi, India, we guarantee round-the-clock services and incredible response times.


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