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business crm solutions Cardiff UK Add value to customer relationship through Business E-CRM and sales force automation solutions!

With more and more brick-and-mortar businesses opting for e-commerce, managing customer relationship in an efficient and cost-effective manner is fast emerging as a major strategic move that helps build a loyal customer base and results into subsequent revenue hike. Effective e CRM solutions aim to streamline and enhance all customer management activities such as communication, marketing, payment and post-sales services/support, so that complete customer satisfaction is ensured without a hitch and the loyalty base is built effortlessly.

Business gurus define CRM solutions as the technique of establishing and maintaining long-term business relationships with your customers. Electronic Customer Relationship Management (e-CRM) is the extension of CRM over the Internet and features online data mining and data warehousing functions which will help analyse information regarding customers’ purchasing behavior and suggest realistic measures to enhance existing operations. Current estimates indicate a 300% rise in spending on CRM systems and services as major corporate houses are rapidly embracing the concept.

At Olive UK, we understand that developing customer relationships and optimising the value of those relationships will escalate your profitability and overall business growth. In order to corner success and gain in competitive edge, businesses must be able to identify customers’ needs, anticipate their expectations and respond instantly in real time. Based on your specific requirements, Olive UK will provide a comprehensive range of cutting-edge e-CRM solutions, enabling you to develop, manage, measure and monitor customer interactions in the best possible way. Olive offers user-friendly interfaces which can be seamlessly integrated with your front- and back-office applications to ensure a smooth workflow and maximum operational efficiency.

eCRM solutions are critical for any business, planning to achieve profitability through customer acquisition and retention. Olive’s best-of-the-breed eCRM solutions include a host of initiatives such as state-of-the-art sales force automation (SFA) tools and powerful Web-based systems. Open, scalable and totally customisable, our eCRM applications ensure end-to-end integration & automation of service processes and increased interactivity with customers.

Olive UK will study your business goals and assess your specific requirements in order to come up with the most appropriate eCRM solutions and tools. From demand generation to lead capture, mail management to contact management, customer data analysis to help desk solutions, we provide a complete suite of e-CRM solutions – tailored to meet your unique needs and evolve with your targets. What’s more, our fully customised eCRM solutions will help you enhance marketing operations and increase sales, as you will have access to customer intelligence and crucial data on market behaviour.

Olive UK, designs and develops e-crm and sales force automation solutions for companies based throughout Cardiff, Bristol, South Wales and the rest of the UK.

For more information on our E-CRM solutions and sales force automation solutions, contact Olive Global in Cardiff, UK

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