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Manage information across work groups/enterprises

With the advent of the digital era, the concept of Electronic Data Management (EDM) has taken root and spread rapidly. A document management system (DMS) is an electronic tool that allows you to track and manage documents – across work groups or the entire enterprise, depending on your specific requirements. Organisations today need to handle a massive volume of critical information assets – developed and updated over a period of time and at various levels. In order to manage vital documents and streamline workflow, businesses require an effective document management solution that will enable authorised user groups to locate, share, update, review, store and retrieve data in the most efficient manner.

document management systems Bristol UK  Olive Document Management System (DMS): Keeping pace with technology

Keeping in mind the enterprise-level need for complete control over document/information flow, Olive UK offers highly collaborative and fully automated Document Management System (DMS). We have also developed a totally secure and easy-to-use application providing a single common platform for information systems integration and allowing unrestricted document sharing and free interaction among users.

According to researchers, between 50% and 80% of company information lies scattered in documents, e-mail messages and attachments. In order to ensure the highest degree of operational efficiency, businesses need a comprehensive document management system that will store critical information; help update data; track changes and implement role-based access. Olive’s most advanced document management system can be seamlessly integrated with your existing IT infrastructure to facilitate improved productivity; continuity of information and reduced costs in terms of document management, printing, distribution and mailing costs.

document management systems UK Major features of Document Management Solutions

Olive’s browser-based Document Management System assigns user management rights to the System Administrator and allows general users to share documents, interact through message boards and send e-mail messages. The facilities, therefore, can be grouped into two parts – one designed for the System Administrator and the other for system users.

Highlights of Document Management Systems

» Web-based application, using secured SQL server database.
» Seamless exchange of documents.
» Personal arena for each individual user in the network.
» Security for each section.
» Full authority to the administrator to check the system usage.
» Embedded e-mail and document sharing features.
» Complete security to ensure that only intended members access shared documents and messages.

document management solutions UK  Technologies used for Document Management Solutions

Type I: LINUX Server Based Application

Server Side Scripting Language:   PHP
Database Tools:   MY-SQL
Operating System:   Linux Red Hat 7.1 & Apache 1.3

Type II: Microsoft Centric Technology for Windows Based servers

Server Side Scripting:   ASP, Ms-Active X technology
Database Tools:   MS-SQL Server 2000
Operating System:   Window 2000, IIS 5.0 & Com + services

document management systems UK  Functionality

Users of Olive Document Management System may access and utilise the following features:

Unique user ID and password for each user ensure adequate security. A login interface opens into a customised user's arena.

After successful log-in, this user-specific section shows up and displays the documents shared by others in the user’s group. These documents can be opened, downloaded and saved to a personal online folder, or e-mailed as attachments. This section also allows the user to compose new e-mail message/s and send the same to anyone in the group.

Message Area
View a list of messages posted by others for you, or post a new message directed to a selected user/all group members.

View your profile as seen by others, and edit it to your satisfaction.

Manage Documents

» This systematically designed section displays a listing of all folders in your root directory with specifications such as size, modification details, owner etc.
» Add/Edit/Delete/Rename folders by simple clicking the relevant button. Also, click on the folder icons to view files/folders within these folders.
» You can create folders within folders, and place any file in any folder. All such files can be set to be viewed by selected people in the group. This can later be amended as well.
» An online library allows you to upload your files at the online location specified for you by the administrator and any intended viewer can download the same. Salient features include:

-- File Uploading
-- File Downloading
-- File Searching
-- Sending Files as e-mail Attachments
-- Deleting/Modifying/Renaming of Files
-- Copying/Moving Files

Search Documents
This systematically designed section displays a listing of all folders in your root directory with specifications such as size, modification details, owner etc.

This section provides you with all the features of a comprehensive digital assistant. Manage your contacts; view contact list; add new contact/s to the list; edit/delete existing contact/s; or send e-mail messages to your contacts – all at the click of a button.

Special Admin Features
In addition to the regular features, the System Administrator is empowered with special management features. These include:

Group and User Management
System Administrator may:

» Add a new member
» Edit a member's details
» Delete a member
» Allocate memory to a member
» Allocate a home directory to a member
» Activate or deactivate a member's login ID

Message Board Management
System Administrator can edit/delete any message posted by anyone.

Documents Management
As a privileged user, System Administrator may supervise system usage and manage all workplace documents.

Although the functionalities incorporated into this powerful Document Management System are easy to use, each user has been provided with a Help link in case of any difficulty.

Olive UK offers document management solutions for companies based throughout Cardiff, Bristol, South Wales and the rest of the UK.

For more information on our document management systems, contact Olive Global in Cardiff UK.

document management solutions Cardiff UK
document management solutions Cardiff UK document management systems South Wales UK


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